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Film Review: Life, Animated

By Lauren Puckett In the eyes of 23-year-old Owen Suskind, Disney movies are a window to the world. For Owen, who was diagnosed with autism at age 3, the movies help him understand emotions. They help him make friends. They even help him speak.  Screened at the True/False Film Fest in Columbia, Missouri this March, the…


True/False Film Review: ‘Behemoth’

    By Kelsi Anderson COLUMBIA — The monster is hungry, and it must be fed. For low wages, millions of Chinese migrant workers risk their health and their lives toiling away in the dangerous, unregulated coal mines of Inner Mongolia. The black sedimentary rock is the energy that fuels China, the world’s largest consumer…

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Film Review: Sherpa

By John Heniff Columbia, Mo. — The human body was not designed to climb Mount Everest. Danger comes from above in the form of avalanches and falling ice. Injury or death can come from below, too, as one wrong step can lead to a treacherous fall off the mountain. The probability of succumbing to high-altitude cerebral…


8 must-see films at True/False

It’s that glorious time of the year again when the streets of Columbia, Missouri, transform from the hum-drum of everyday life into an ultra-spunky, art-filled mecca for documentary film fans. True/False Film Festival is right around the corner and there are plenty of reasons to get excited.

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True/False Film Review: Cartel Land

BY SIDDHARTH VODNALA COLUMBIA, MO – “We are the meth cooks, number one in Michoacan,” says a masked man at the beginning of Matthew Heineman’s documentary Cartel Land. “If we had good jobs like yours,” he says into the camera, he and his fellow meth makers would be doing good things too, instead of selling meth. This…

Photo courtesy of True/False Film Fest

True/False Film Review: The Visit

COLUMBIA – Greetings, Earthlings. Aliens have just made contact with humans – at least we can imagine they have, in Michael Madsen’s film, The Visit. The Visit is a hybrid between non-fiction and fiction, pseudo-documentary portraying how government agencies across the world try to handle mankind’s first encounter with extraterrestrial life. The film was shown…


True/False Film Review: The Chinese Mayor

By Guimel Sibingo As a film about the pollution crisis hitting China today, The Chinese Mayor leaves much to be desired. However, it succeeds in brilliantly portraying the struggles of Chinese politics and the people’s relationship to their government. The film follows the daily life of Geng Yanbo, then mayor of Datong, a city that was once the…