Life of a science freelancer: Lisa Palmer

COLUMBIA, MO. – Lisa Palmer spends her days writing, interviewing and reporting from the comfort of her own home in Maryland. As a full-time freelance writer, Palmer created a career for herself writing about science for publications across the country and around the world. Palmer spoke with the Science Health and Environmental Writing class via…

Many National Weight Control Registry participants weigh themselves regularly.  Image courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control.

Weight maintenance requires consistency and discipline

  By Elise Moser COLUMBIA, Mo. – Lily Escobar* starting gaining weight in high school. For years, the 65-year-old St. Charles, Mo. resident let her weight creep up without paying much attention to it. Her first home didn’t have any full-length mirrors, and she avoided looking at her body.  “When I moved into our condo…


Science and social media are a powerful combination

By Elise Moser Columbia, MO– Social media has the opportunity to give scientists new ways to connect online, if only they would use it. That was the message of science and social media expert Liz Neeley* made on Saturday, March 15 at the MU Life Sciences and Society Symposium. Neeley, of COMPASS, addressed conventional academic thinking…


Pat Jones teaches kids to learn by getting dirty

By Elise Moser WILLIAMSBURG, Mo.– Every spring, as the weather warms up and spring rolls in, Jones invites schoolchildren to the Prairie Fork Conservation Area to spend a little time outdoors. That’s Pat Jones’ biggest goal. On the farm-turned-conservation area, there are rules. Everyone who comes to Prairie Fork is required to do three things:…


The science of napping

By Elise Moser Sleep deprivation is a reality for many Americans: a 2013 National Sleep Foundation poll found adults in the United States sleep only 6 hours and 31 minutes at night on average, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 7-8 hours of sleep for adults. Sleep deprivation can lead to a…

Elise Moser

Elise is a senior journalism student at MU, studying nutrition journalism. Her writing interests include nutrition and health, and after graduation she hopes to pursue a graduate degree in dietetics to become a registered dietitian. When she’s not doing school work, Elise enjoys cooking, running and maintaining her blog, Expeditions of Elise.