Elizabeth Cassidy

Elizabeth is a senior at the University of Missouri and will graduate in May 2017. She is pursuing degrees in both journalism and psychology. Before finding journalism, Elizabeth thought she would pursue a career in the science field. After taking advanced chemistry in high school, she decided she would rather write about science than practice. She is passionate about all things brain-related and hopes to write about neuroscience and mental health. Elizabeth is also an advanced enterprise reporter for the Columbia Missourian.

Other interests/hobbies include:

-Talking about the Cold War and its impact on modern society
-Browsing the local library and bookshops
-Learning how to keep indoor plants alive
-Planning a trip to Iceland and all other things travel-related


One thought on “Elizabeth Cassidy

  1. Yes, journalism sounds more sanguine. If life takes you that way, take a few business classes and advance into corporate writing. If life takes you toward fiction, read Mark Twain (especially the 2017 book released by the Mark Twain Papers), Stephen Crane, George Orwell and early Hemingway.

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