Yuan Yuan

Yuan is currently a senior in science and health journalism at University of Missouri-Columbia. She is a 2+2 dual degree student coming from the beautiful southern part of China. She spent her freshman and sophomore years learning international journalism at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS), and came to Mizzou as a junior. Beginning in high school, she was a reporter and then the chief copy editor of her school magazine. As her moved to college, she joined GDUFS’s magazine and became a column editor later. She spent a semester at the Columbia Missourian as an education reporter, and wrote several science research stories.

She finds reading, interview and writing fascinating because she enjoys learning new knowledge, travelling, exchanging ideas and explaining things to others. She has a special interest in plant sciences. Last spring, she spent a semester in a plant lab of Bond Life Science Center as a research assistant. She also cares about health and environmental issues.



3 thoughts on “Yuan Yuan

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