Lauren Puckett

Lauren profileBorn and raised in Columbia, Missouri, I started writing when I was seven years old and, basically, I never stopped. I decided I wanted to write fiction when I was in sixth grade, and I discovered a passion for journalism while serving as an editor for my high school paper.

I was brought to the University of Missouri through pure luck (I just so happened to be born in the city with one of the nation’s top journalism programs). Currently, I’m an undergraduate studying magazine journalism, with interests in science, technology and culture. I plan to attend graduate school to get my master’s in journalism, and then – who knows? That’s the exciting part. Either way, I’ll be writing.

My interests in science took me by surprise. Raised by two physicians, I had an aversion to medicine and healthcare for most of my childhood. My father took me on a tour through the emergency room where he worked while I was in middle school, and I almost passed out. But, somehow, one way or another, my affinity for anything “nerd” won over. An interest in technology and psychology introduced me to virtual reality, which introduced me to engineering, which has now introduced me to food and crop science, all leading me into that space called “science and environmental reporting.” Now I can say, without a doubt, I love science.

I write for Unearthed Magazine as part of the university’s Science, Health and Environmental Writing class. My work has been previously published in Columbia Business Times, COMO Living, Jefferson City Magazine, Vox Magazine, the Columbia Missourian, The Maneater, and Bearing News.


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