This year’s crew of science writers takes on #AAAS

By Sara Shipley Hiles

SAN JOSE, California – Three students from the Spring 2015 Science, Health and Environmental Writing class attended the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in San Jose, California, Feb. 12-15.

By the end of our first day in San Jose, they had attended and written about sessions on brain science and faulty memories, a new alternative to cochlear implants, and using pop culture for better science engagement.

Sid working

Siddarth Vodnala is hard at work in the AAAS newsroom.

Rachel Zamzow and Sean Morrison file a day's work.

Rachel Zamzow and Sean Morrison file a day’s work.

My own favorite session of Day One featured Tyrone Hayes, an amphibian endocrinologist at University of California, Berkeley.

There’s much more to come from the AAAS meeting, which draws thousands of scientists and policymakers from around the world. Stay tuned to Unearthed Magazine for more science news, and follow us on Twitter for more from the conference:

Sara Shipley Hiles – @saraship

Sean Morrison – @sean_morrison

Siddarth Vodnala – @siddharthvod

Rachel Zamzow – @RachelZamzow

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