About Us

This website is a project of students covering Science, Health and Environmental Journalism at the Missouri School of Journalism. Students cover conferences, write blog posts about science news, and report original stories about people and issues in the fields of science, health and the environment.

Spring 2016 writers:

  • Kelsi Anderson
  • Marlee Ellison
  • Katherine Hambrick
  • John Heniff
  • Hannah Lazo
  • Berkeley Lovelace
  • Jennifer Lu
  • Madelyne Maag
  • Sebastian Martinez
  • Kathryn Mersmann
  • Colin O’Brien
  • Molly Olmstead
  • Lauren Puckett
  • Yuan Yuan

Spring 2015:

  • Fred Broschart
  • Berkeley Lovelace
  • Taylor Malottki
  • Sean Morrison
  • Guimel Sibingo
  • Sid Vodnala
  • Rachel Zamzow

Spring 2014:

  • Art Cook Bremer
  • Christine Coester
  • Meghan Eldridge
  • Rebecca Dell
  • Xiaoqian “Heidi” Li
  • Elise Moser
  • Taylor Malottki
  • Caleb O’Brien
  • Jack Suntrup
  • Mitch Ryals

Fearless Leader:

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