Unusual life discovered in Mexican crystal caves gives insight to astrobiologists

By Lauren Puckett BOSTON — Deep in the caves of Naica, Mexico — some 800 meters below ground, where geothermal heat pushed temperatures into the range of 113 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit — Penelope Boston found something incredible. Within the cave’s enormous sparkling crystals, tiny microbial organisms lived in pockets of fluid. Boston’s attempts to…

John Rodgers moderates a discussion on the challenges of science reporting since the 2016 election. From left to right: John Rodgers, Joseph Romm, Meera Subramanian, Seth Boronstein and Naomi Orekes.

Scientists, want to anonymously tip journalists? Here’s how

BOSTON – At a session Thusday on environmental journalism in the age of Trump, panelists found plenty to disagree about. One example of disagreement was whether those who reject mainstream climate science should be called “deniers,” as Harvard science historian Naomi Oreskes declares, or “doubters,” following a 2015 Associated Press style decision. But there was one thing on…


Vidya Balasubramanyam

Vidya is a graduate student in the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources program at the University of Missouri. She is interested in helping communities adapt to climate change through participatory methods and in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through green building practices. She aspires to be a better science communicator in her efforts to promote behavior change…


Eleanor Hasenbeck

In Spring 2017, Eleanor is a third-year undergraduate student at MU studying Science and Agricultural Journalism. Her interests include anthropology, food security and the environment. When she’s not writing, you can find her laughing at an improv comedy show. She can be reached at

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Catherine Wheeler

Catherine is a first-year graduate student at the University of Missouri. She is studying a combination of print and digital news, as well as radio. She has reported for the Columbia Missourian, and is currently reporting at KBIA, the local NPR member station. Before joining the School of Journalism, she received a bachelor’s degree in…


Jing Ren

Jing Ren is currently a second semester master’s student studying Investigative Reporting in Missouri School of Journalism, she will graduate in Fall 2018. Originally from China, she is determined to use in-depth journalism as a tool to serve the public. She is especially interested in science, health and environmental reporting, and she believes there are…

Elizabeth Cassidy

Elizabeth Cassidy

Elizabeth is a senior at the University of Missouri and will graduate in May 2017. She is pursuing degrees in both journalism and psychology. Before finding journalism, Elizabeth thought she would pursue a career in the science field. After taking advanced chemistry in high school, she decided she would rather write about science than practice. She…